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Store Policies

Returns and Refunds

Although we make every effort to ensure our customers are completely satisfied, unfortunately all sales are final.  We test and confirm all parts and assemblies leave our shop in top working condition.  In the past we have had people try to return items they have broken due to incorrect installation methods, or exchanged parts from other assemblies with ours and claimed we issued defective parts.  We have also experienced restocking fees and find them an unfair practice.  Instead we encourage you to do your research before you order to make sure the parts are what you need.  We reject over 98% of the used cores we are offered and discard any parts that do not pass rigorous testing following restoration processes, so you can feel confident what you are buying will preserve and enhance the value of your vehicle.  In some limited cases we will elect to use correct but somewhat chemically superior finishes, or recreate and replace rubber, glass, plastic, or electrical parts when we cannot be satisfied an original part will result in a durable functional assembly.  In such a case, we note the item, and it must still be indistinguishable once installed from the original parts in its form, fit, and function.  We reserve the right to prohibit additional sales to any party that does not abide by these terms.

Shipping and Handling

This is another area we believe has been of some confusion.  We charge a flat $15.00 for the shipping and handling charges involved in each shipment up to $100 of order value, orders over $100 we add $10.00 in shipping charges for every additional $100 of order value or portion thereof to the continental United States only.  We are trying not to overcharge on shipping and have found the value of the order to be a better approximation of actual shipping charges than weight or other factors.  We are not trying to make a profit on shipping as some others do.  Occasionally a large overweight or oversize item will require an additional shipping charge.  In such a case we will notify you accordingly.

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