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A Word From The Owner

Having owned 67 Camaros my entire life, including the one I came home in from the hospital when I was born (pictured here), I have had a lifetime of experience repairing, constructing and restoring 67-69 Camaros.  After learning to drive on my father's Camaro, it was given to a local restoration shop for a full rebuild.  Three years later, the money was gone, the parts had been stripped off the car and sold, and what was left was a rusty body shell and a few parts in a box.  Seventeen years later, I finished the car after several false starts, self education, and plenty of expense.  Later in life I had the good fortune to apprentice for several years in one of the top Camaro restoration shops in the country.  Having been professionally trained as a chemical engineer, I added value by overseeing the repair and replating of hardware and subassemblies.  I have since completed several show quality restorations with my partners, have won concours with some of the vehicles you see on this site and participated in the restoration of the personal vehicles of many who supply reproduction parts to the restoration industry.  I will usually give frank advice via my blog because I have either experienced the same problem or avoided it due to the timely advice of a fellow restorer.

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